Working out the Layers of the Human Power Frame

Understanding the Layers of the Human Energy Body. The human power frame refers back to the full of life construction of a human being. This may be often referred to as the charisma. It incorporates the 7 chakras, a lot of delicate our bodies, and it’s the total power that surrounds and animates our bodily being,

As human beings in these days’s day and age, its commonplace wisdom that the bodily frame is constituted of a lot of other techniques that paintings in combination as part of the entire frame. For instance, the circulatory gadget, digestive gadget, immune gadget, muscular gadget, respiration gadget, and many others, can also be perceived as distinctive constructions or techniques throughout the bodily frame. They’re separate techniques inside the only bodily frame, and every gadget is an very important a part of the entire.

Working out the Human Our bodies Power

In a identical method, there are other techniques throughout the total power frame of a human being as neatly.

This information in regards to the construction of the power frame is extra esoteric in nature, which means it’s much less understood and identified by means of the hundreds. Working out it on the other hand, can create a formidable framework and basis to give a boost to your non secular expansion, therapeutic and esoteric talents in addition to your mindful growth.

Uncover The Construction of the Power Frame

Discover The Structure of the Energy Body

Working out the Human Power Gadget can get a bit of complicated… And should you’ve ever appeared into the construction of human power, you might have spotted that no person can appear to agree about how precisely it’s structured. It’s because there are if truth be told many alternative techniques for the way the power frame is arranged. This isn’t by means of mistake.

Relying at the non secular lineage, instructor, or custom you are finding out… This construction of the human power box could also be offered in dramatically other ways.

Nobody gadget is true or fallacious. Quite, how our human power our bodies are structured relies fully on how we consciously understand, broaden and construction them.

Sure traditions and lineages will deliberately construction the human power frame another way thru particular mindful and religious practices.

Its vital to notice right here that adjustments in awareness can and can affect the power our bodies. And however, adjustments throughout the power our bodies can even affect awareness.

In different phrases, you’ll be able to consciously restructure your power our bodies thru mindful focal point and follow, whilst on the identical time you’ll be able to make bigger and uplift your awareness by means of creating the layers of delicate our bodies that make up all of your power box.

The principle explanation why or function for the other techniques and constructions of the human power box is that this:

By means of perceiving our power our bodies in sure tactics, new practices and stories transform to be had that don’t paintings throughout the context of some other traditions construction.

Dr Robert Gilbert actually helped me to know the other layers of the human power box throughout a lot of other lineages and religious traditions. By means of studying the views of various traditions it turns into transparent that every level to the reality, and by means of viewing issues from 12 other views, we will be able to higher and extra absolutely perceive the reality and entire.

In order for you to deep dive into this matter, take a look at Dr Gilbert’s route on Spiritual Science here.

For now, on this article I will proportion with you perception right into a Four other Human Power Gadget Buildings so you’ll be able to get an concept of the way and why variations in those techniques might manifest.

By means of viewing issues from many alternative angles and views we will be able to higher perceive the Reality.

Theosophist Gadget For Working out The Power Box

To start out, shall we have a look at probably the most recurrently taught fashionable Metaphysical Buildings this is in accordance with the lessons of the Theosophist Society of the 1800’s. It is a 7 Delicate Frame gadget the place every of the 7 Delicate Our bodies in combination makes up the power frame as an entire.

1. Bodily Frame

The bodily frame is the a part of you that’s the densest. It’s the a part of you that you’ll be able to see in a replicate, weigh on a scale, and transfer thru bodily fact with. The bodily frame on its own is inanimate. Its handiest although anchoring the following power frame into it, the etheric, that the bodily being wakes up in order that it may well transfer, breathe and transform alive.

2. Etheric Frame

The following layer is the etheric power. The etheric is the true lifestyles power power that animates your bodily shape. With out the presence of this Existence Pressure power, the bodily frame is inanimate and useless. That is what occurs on the time of loss of life, when the Etheric power detaches from the bodily vessel and leaves the bodily frame intact, however inert.

The Etheric Frame is basically the similar idea as Chi, or Prana. It’s the Existence Pressure Power that once anchored into the bodily shape means that you can transfer and breathe.

Within the Rosicrucian Custom, the Etheric Existence Frame is noticed to include your reminiscences, circadian rhythms, and timing cycles.

Within the Indian Vedanta Lineage, which I discuss extra underneath, the Etheric Frame is known as the “Sheath of Necessary Power” and is noticed because the prana lifestyles power that animates and sustains the bodily shape. The etheric power anchors into the bodily shape thru every chakra… Extra on that quickly too!

3. The Emotional Frame

The following layer of delicate power is the Emotional Frame which is every so often known as the Decrease Astral Frame.

This pertains to all emotional purposes of your awareness.

4. The Psychological Frame

The Psychological Frame is often referred to as the Upper Astral Frame. It’s your psychological serve as together with common sense, mind, and rational talents.

Wait What About The Astral Frame?

The Astral Frame is a mix of Psychological and Emotional purposes. In techniques corresponding to throughout the Rosicrucian Custom, the Psychological and Emotional are blended into one frame which is known as the Astral. Curiously, throughout the Rosicrucian custom, the Astral Frame is often referred to as the Soul.

Within the Theosophist gadget, on the other hand the Psychological and Emotional are separated into two separate our bodies and the Astral isn’t particularly discussed.

5. Informal Frame

The Informal Frame is noticed because the hyperlink between your upper non secular colleges and decrease our bodies.

The Informal is claimed to include the non secular imprint of your karma, how it is going to play out, and the way to transform absolutely mindful of it and the way to trade it thru non secular and therapeutic paintings.

6. Religious Frame

The Religious Frame is the frame of your complicated non secular capacities and purposes. It means that you can adventure into and to revel in upper non secular nation-states inside which your decrease bodily being can not navigate nor succeed in.

7. Divine Frame

The Divine Frame is the best possible frame inside your power box. That is the very important Religious Core of Divine power you might have get admission to to inside your power construction. It’s your Divine I Am Core and presence.

The Indian Vedanta Gadget of five Sheaths

Subsequent up, shall we have a look at the Indian Vedanta Gadget. This is among the subsequent maximum recurrently taught and identified techniques for working out the human full of life box these days. Curiously, it’s from this Lineage that we even have realized in regards to the Chakra gadget, and is the reason is how the Etheric Existence Pressure Power anchors into the Bodily Shape thru 7 Spinning Wheels or Sacred Disks of Power known as Chakras.

The Indian Vedanta Gadget organizes the Human Air of secrecy and Power box into 7 Sheaths or Koshas. They’re as follows:

1. Sheath of Meals

Within the Indian Vedanta Lineage the densest, bodily degree of the human power frame is known as the “Sheath of Meals”. It’s actually noticed because the bodily frame this is constructed and sustained by means of meals. A pregnant mom assists the kid in her womb in creating a bodily frame by means of feeding it meals, and the bodily frame is then sustained all over lifestyles thru drinking meals.

2. Sheath of Necessary Power

The Sheath of Necessary Power is can also be understood as necessarily being the similar because the Etheric Frame. It’s the Prana, Chi, or Existence-force power that animates the Sheath of Meals.

The Etheric power of the Sheath of Necessary Power anchors into the bodily frame in the course of the 7 Chakras. Every chakra anchors the etheric lifestyles power into the bodily frame, and has a selected house of lifestyles, well being and spirituality that that chakra power “oversees” and divulges.

Many of us these days mistakenly suppose the chakra power facilities are the construction for the human power box, when if truth be told they’re one small however very important layer of a miles higher complete.

3. Sheath of Thoughts

The Sheath of Thoughts is the power frame which processes knowledge and stimulus gained in the course of the Five senses. That is the layer of the power frame that empowers direct belief of the exterior bodily global.

4. Sheath of Knowledge

The Sheath of Knowledge is a frame of upper awareness. It empowers our discernment and get admission to of upper wisdom. I see and interpret this as being the upper thoughts. Throughout the Sheath of Knowledge we’re ready to get admission to the knowledge of the Upper Self, and faucet into a better degree of consciousness than can generally be attained and tuned into as a bodily being.

5. Sheath of Bliss

The Sheath of Bliss is the innermost core of the human power frame within the Vedanta construction. It’s your Divine essence manifest thru Shiva- the Divine Masculine essence of awareness, and Shakti- the Divine Female essence of awareness.

Often known as the Anandamaya Kosha, that is the natural Pleasure and Bliss which surrounds the central core of your Divine I AM Presence and Core Reality.

Historic Mexican Style for the Human Power Gadget

Subsequent shall we have a look at The Historic Mexican Gadget for Working out the Human Power Gadget as taught by means of Sergio Manana in his guide Caves of Power. The program is arranged into Five frame construction.

As Sergio explains: “Simply as we want 5 hands on every hand for them to paintings as an entire, so we want 5 our bodies to precise our complete bodily, psychological, and religious capacities.” Inside the Historic Mexican Lineage those Five Our bodies are as follows:

1. Tonacayo

The Bodily Frame that permits us to revel in the fabric airplane and bodily fact.

2. Ihiyotyl

The Existence Pressure or ‘encouragement’ frame. That is the sophisticated power that comes from the etheric worlds and lets in subject to come back into movement. In accordance the the Mexican Custom, the ihiyotyl anchors to the bodily shape throught the liver and the legs.


That is the power that surrounds the guts and during which the entire of lifestyles revel in is living. The Teyolia holds our deeply rooted emotional patterns.


The Tonal is the power that surrounds the pinnacle whilst wide awake. It’s the psychological awareness and persona.

The most important difference throughout the Historic Mexican gadget is the working out that whilst wide awake, the Tonal is living across the head, empowering us to really feel acutely aware of bodily fact and its regulations of time and area.

After we sleep on the other hand, the Tonal is noticed to transport from the pinnacle to the adbomen… And the Nahaual strikes from the stomach to the pinnacle. Those two our bodies necessarily swapping positions empowers us to consciously start to navigate the dream global, and the sector of Spirit we input after loss of life.

5. Nahual

The Nahual is the power frame that we use after we sleep and dream. It’s an full of life frame whose title comes from the Nahuatl phrase nehua this means that “I” and the phrase nahualli this means that “what extends”

That is the frame of who you’re past subject matter fact. It’s your spirit shape inside which you’ll be able to navigate the dream and spirit realm.

Greek Airtight Gadget of three Our bodies

The overall gadget I need to have a look at right here these days is the gadget of working out that comes from the Greek Christian Airtight Grasp Daskalos.

Daskalos is understood for having attained extremely prime esoteric and therapeutic achievements.

His elementary Three Gadget for working out the Human Air of secrecy and effort box is composed of the next:

1. Gross Subject material Frame

That is the bodily shape this is anchored in bodily fact.

2. Psychical Frame

Psychic-al now not bodily… In Daskalos gadget that is the emotional frame.

3. Noetic Frame

This the the psychological degree of upper awareness, and the non secular shape.

A actually attention-grabbing difference in terms of Daskalos gadget is the he perceived every the Gross Subject material Frame, the Psychical and the Noetic as having their very own Etheric Box which he known as the Etheric Double.

So for instance, the Gross Subject material shape has its personal Etheric Double, as does the Psychic Emotional Frame, and so does the Noetic Psychological Frame have its personal Etheric Double.

Via this separation of the Etheric power, new layers of therapeutic possiblity open up.

As you’ll be able to see, working out the Construction of the Human Air of secrecy Box isn’t at all times transparent minimize and indisputably now not one dimension suits all… However by means of working out those constructions from other views, and from other Traditions and Lineages, we will be able to start to snatch how our particular person construction has been advanced thru our practices and consciousness…

And to then notice what practices and mindful focal point we will be able to make the most of to additional broaden those constructions empowering exploration in upper worlds, therapeutic talents, non secular communique, dream shuttle and so a lot more.

I’m hoping this has been useful for you!

With love and shiny blessings,

Melanie Beckler




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Moreover, if you would like to paintings on balancing and supporting your Existence Pressure Power in anchoring into your bodily shape to empower the following layers of Power Frame Therapeutic…

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