What’s the Lions Gate Portal 8/8/2019 Activation?

Integrating the Cosmic Mild Codes of Awakening with the 8-Eight Gateway!

The 8-8-2019 Lions Gate Activation

Lions Gate Activation

Once a year on and across the eighth day of the eighth month of the 12 months (August eighth), there may be a cosmic alignment referred to as “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is a time of larger cosmic power flowing between the bodily and non secular geographical regions.

The Lions Gate power this 12 months opens up July 26th- August 12th, with the height of power on August eighth!

The Lions Gate has ties to historic Egypt and for Hundreds of years has been seen and venerated as a time of an ideal full of life inflow and activation!

This gateway is marked by means of an alignment between the Earth and the big name Sirius. As Sirius rises within the sky, Orions Belt at once aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and from our viewpoint on Earth, it sounds as if that Sirius (the brightest big name we will see) comes nearer to the Earth.

It is referred to as the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway as it happens within the astrological signal of Leo (the Lion). As a Zodiac Signal, Leo is related to the guts heart and represents the individualized expression of the Divine.

The Leo power is the very best degree to anchor the ascension codes and energies of upper awareness broadcast in the course of the big name Sirius and in the course of the Nice Central Solar.

When this alignment occurs, there may be an intense surge of sunshine which awakens DNA, turns on the human power box, and transmits prime vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening.

Mild codes of ascension, mastery, and evolution from Sirius pour against Earth, also known as the Non secular Solar as neatly, aligning but any other stage of activation and alternative for development at the ascension trail.

The Lions Gateway power is all about extra totally awakening your Divine Mild and embodying Divinity inside of a bodily shape.

Leo power that we are all experiencing right now (irrespective of your own zodiac signal) may be related to royalty, and so this alignment will also be noticed as awakening the royal codes of upper dwelling which can be to be had for all.

This gateway creates an unbelievable duration of speeded up ascension… This 12 months, it is supercharged…

Learn to song into it and benefit from it right here:

Introducing: The Lions Gate Activations

To make stronger you throughout this profound Gateway, I’ve been guided to unlock a distinct collection of 3 four Prime-Frequency Angel Activations.

This four Phase “Lions Gate Activation” Collection is Divinely impressed to make stronger you throughout this time in liberating your self from decrease densities so you’ll faucet into the sunshine of the upper dimensions and step into alignment together with your perfect Divine expression of affection.

Are you in a position to revel in an unbelievable activation of Divine Love re-connection with easiest crystalline coherence?

The Lions Gate Activations are Divinely designed and impressed to make stronger you in taking advantage of this powerfully activating duration.

While you acquire these days, you are going to be having access to all the following:

“The Gateway of Starlight”

Chill out and raise within the natural prime frequency of limitless love, enlargement, and good looks as you name forth the upper downloads of frequency to combine those into your being and into your existence.

On this completely happy activation, you are going to obtain a profound starlight ascension activation from the therapeutic gentle of Sirius, the sunshine of the limitless, and from the Council of Mild.

humanuniver tips of life 2728Music into the harmonic frequency of your Soul Tone 
humanuniver tips of life 2728Awaken the codes of your Divine Royal Template
humanuniver tips of life 2728Align together with your perfect Divine Route and Timeline 
humanuniver tips of life 2728Turn on the Seeds of Attainable you lift inside of
humanuniver tips of life 2728Shine because the Divine Mild Being you authentically are
humanuniver tips of life 2728Turn on your Mild Frame and Upper Multidimensional Nature 
humanuniver tips of life 2728Obtain Therapeutic Mild Blessings
humanuniver tips of life 2728
Liberate Decrease Densities 
humanuniver tips of life 2728Turn on your DNA

Know and at once revel in the reality of the Divine Mild Being you’re.

“The Starlight Chakra Meditation!”

This guided meditation with Archangel Orion will assist you to to chill out and revel in a profound vibrational adventure by means of tuning into the woke up power of starlight.

All it’s a must to do is concentrate as Archangel Orion gently and lovingly guides you thru cleaning and balancing your chakras and raising your vibration with the Divine gentle channeled in the course of the stars.

Along this message from Orion, a fantastic power has been created to help you in opening on your inside knowledge, re-energizing your soul gentle, and making a vibrational opening inside of you so your true inside knowledge and Divine unique gentle can shine even though.

While you open your center, chill out, and develop into mindful as you concentrate, you are feeling a profound shift because the Divine starlight and steerage from Orion works to cleanse and refresh your chrakas and the very soul gentle which you already lift inside of.

“Anchoring The Mild of the Non secular Solar”

The Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters of the Best Christed Mild attach on this improbable 52 Minute Meditation and frequency transmission.

Chill out and concentrate as you’re without difficulty guided to hook up with your Divine Core of Love, Peace, and Fact to anchor the Best Mild and shine because the Sun Divine Mild being you’re at your very core.

You are going to obtain this channeled meditation in each video and audio layout so if you want you’ll watch Melanie channel by means of video you are going to have that chance. Alternately you’ll merely shut your eyes, chill out, and raise within the completely happy power of the audio consultation.


“Empower Your Best Function”

Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael hook up with bless and heal your power, elevate your vibration and realign you with improbable inspiration, steerage and True Non secular Energy.

As you merely chill out and concentrate to this profound gentle transmission you are going to obtain Sun gentle blessings of crystalline therapeutic frequency and love…

Free up your religious energy, anchor upper gentle, explain your will, and Empower Your Best Function Now!

Now To be had for $147

humanuniver tips of life 147

What Is the Attainable of This?

The Lions Gateway creates an unbelievable opening of speeded up ascension power. Larger waves of ascension gentle and codes of woke up awareness are streaming onto the planet now in the course of the Nice Central Solar, the big name Sirius, and at once from Spirit.

This larger gentle, and speeded up ascension power is inflicting massive life-altering adjustments to spread in a method or any other for almost everybody now.

While you consciously declare it, you’ll use this period of time to take a profound bounce into deeper alignment and cohesion with the Divine Blueprint on your soul embodiment.

You’ll be able to direct the power to make stronger Divine manifestations of affection, abundance and non secular enlargement for your existence. To transparent distortion out of your box and to profoundly realign together with your Core Divine Mild and Fact.

What Is the Angels Message In regards to the Lions Gateway?

The angel’s message for us round this time is to agree with.

Stay returning to a vibration of affection, freeing concern and uncertainty and staying thinking about what you in the end need.

Be mindful you’re a religious being in bodily shape, and any shifts and adjustments going down now, are helping align you with extra of your soul energy, religious fact, and with what is going to deliver you larger pleasure, love, alternative, and risk.

You’re guided and supporting now in taking a bounce ahead to your private and collective ascension trail. Stay your center open and make it some degree to song into the inflow of upper frequency and Divine Love.

Lions Gate Meditation

Whilst meditation is all the time powerfully supportive. Ensure that to make the effort to meditate on and across the 8th  … That is when the power is the most powerful and the gateway totally opened.

Transparent your thoughts, and envision gentle from above streaming in, activating your upper chakras, and pouring into your crown chakra to completely light up the real brilliance of your Divine Mild, Christ Mild, and woke up awareness you’ve gotten all the time carried inside of.

Fill your self up with gentle!

Now’s the time to step into the next vibrational revel in of Love… Each individually and jointly.

It is about transcending obstacles and transitioning from the density of the bodily realm into the brand new paradigm of crystalline awareness, being, and light-weight.

The power is triggering a brand new harmonic alignment, and a deep steadiness between the knowledge of the guts, thoughts, and spirit. In the long run when the guts and thoughts unite as one, focused in Divine Love and in cohesion together with your unique fact, you’re in a position to step into dwelling within the new paradigm.

The brand new paradigm is right here, the power is right here… And now it’s merely a question of shining your inside Divine gentle so brightly and purely that the replicate of the out of doors global round you can not assist however to mirror, align with, and replicate the whole extent of the woke up love you’ve all the time carried inside of.

A part of that is extra totally figuring out what you actually need. What your center and soul calls out for and the place for your existence is out of alignment with this your True and Unique Soul aim.

Be prepared to like your self… Honor the stirrings of your center and step into the doorways of latest risk which can be opening prior to you. Let concern, doubt, and uncertainty fall in the back of you keep thinking about what you LOVE, boldly and expectantly stepping ahead into dwelling extra authentically in alignment together with your Fact.

This gateway is ready turning a web page, it’s about ascending, achieving a brand new stage of Love and Mild and getting into higher cohesion and alignment with the Fact that you’re One with the Divine, One with All, and that you’ll have and be the rest you actually want.

You’ll be able to have and be Radiant Mild and Endless Love.

Open your center, thoughts, and spirit to obtain this wave of sunshine, in conjunction with the codes of awareness, and effort of ascension this is supporting you in progressing swiftly now into Peace, Freedom, and the perfect vibration of Divine expression of your distinctive items, your distinctive power, and your perfect gentle which is very important, and performs an integral position within the ascension of all.

Consider. Keep sure. Open your center, unlock concern, and step into the sunshine which is able to proceed to look prior to you one step at a time.

That is uncharted territory, however there are actually improbable blessings of the Divine which wait for.

For extra angelic assist in tuning into the whole energy of this opening…

Check out Lions Gate Activations here >> 

Merely listening will attach you with robust angelic assist and make stronger you in opening your upper chakras, integrating those energies, magnifying love for your revel in and calling forth the whole remembrance of your religious items, and your perfect Unique Fact.

With limitless love, gentle, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



PS. Are you feeling the larger power?


Watch a Lions Gate Alignment Studying with Melanie right here:


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