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Integrating The Seven Rays of Mild

the seven rays

Teachings at the Seven Rays of sunshine date again to the traditional Vedic literature of India, and but they’re nonetheless extremely related nowadays. The Seven Rays necessarily constitute seven attributes of the only Divine power making up All That Is.

The Seven Rays are seven qualities of power, that are the vibrations throughout the higher oneness and thru all of them beings, gadgets, and occasions are outlined. The seven rays are the power of the Divine being expressed in all of Introduction.

Whilst teachings at the Seven Rays are huge, and will briefly develop into advanced, the essence is that each and every ray, or high quality of power represents a trail of non secular building at the trail against the total expression of Divine love. Every of the seven rays of sunshine represents a lesson our souls should go through all over our lifestyles on Earth.

Now, that we’re jointly experiencing an speeded up time of exchange, expansion, and religious development, all Seven Rays are calling out to be built-in inside us each and every.

On this time of big exchange, and collective ascension, lacking out the qualities of any one of the crucial Seven Rays will go away one feeling out of stability and incomplete. Because of this creating a mindful effort to combine the Seven Rays is extremely tough and useful. Integration begins with consciousness.

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Every of the rays corresponds with an Ascended Grasp, in addition to an Archangel whose paintings is aligned with the qualities of revel in the ray represents.

The good information is you’ll merely name upon the Ascended Grasp or Archangel overseeing the particular ray you’re short of balancing and they are able to fairly merely, however very successfully and powerfully, ship you the precise power you want.

Running with each and every of the Seven Rays is the trail right here and now to revive stability to the earth and all lifestyles in the course of the energy of awareness.

The Seven Rays are the forces of power emanating at once from White Mild. Here’s a fast have a look at the manifestation of those Rays of Mild, in conjunction with the related Archangel and Ascended Grasp for each and every ray. Have in mind even though, that is only a temporary glance because the Seven Rays make up the whole lot… And so in them is contained All That Is.

The Seven Rays

First Ray
Ascended Grasp~ El Morya

Archangel~ Michael

Attributes~ Will, Energy, Management, Aim, Transparent Function, Ingenious Destruction, Detachment, Depth, Path.

2nd Ray
Ascended Grasp~ Kuthimi

Archangel~ Jophiel

Attributes~ Love, Knowledge, Instructing, Courting, Instinct, Sensitivity, and Belief, Readability, Consideration to Element, Interest, and Synthesis.

3rd Ray
Ascended Grasp~ Serapis Bay

Archangel~ Chamuel

Attributes~ Energetic Intelligence, Creativity, Adaptability and Motivation

Fourth Ray
Ascended Grasp~ Paul the Venetian

Archangel~ Gabriel

Attributes~ Good looks, Cohesion, Inventive Skill, Readability, Purity of Function, Love, Working out, and Humility

5th Ray
Ascended Grasp~ Hilarion

Archangel~ Raphael

Attributes~ Therapeutic, Science, Common sense, Mind, Consideration to Element, Looking, Research, Knowledge

6th Ray
Ascended Grasp~ Jesus (Sananda)

Archangel~ Uriel

Attributes~ Devotion, Forgiveness, Peace, Religion, Gratitude, Abstraction, Skill to See In The Mild

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7th Ray
Ascended Grasp~ Saint Germaine

Archangel~ Zadkiel

Attributes~ Magic, Ritual, Rite, Transmutation, Alchemy, Sensible Working out

When meditating, or doing inside paintings, apply harmonizing throughout the power of the Seven Rays. Ask the Ascended Grasp and Archangel of each and every Ray to align you with the power of the Divine in those particular techniques, so which you can revel in stability, and specific your true self via love and repair.

If you’re short of therapeutic, name upon Archangel Raphael or Hilarion… Desire a spice up of private energy or path? Archangel Michael and El Morya will let you align with those qualities of the First Ray.

With the Seven Rays in stability, you’ll in point of fact align with the Divine Plan to your lives. You’ll be able to know and perceive your self and your position within the grand expression of All That Is.

With love, mild, and gratitude, 


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