Top Vibration Meals to Raise Your Awareness

Enhance Your self with A Top Vibrational Nutrition

Elevating your vibration is a key, and essential aspect of ascension… And actually, keeping up a prime vibration is very important for staying wholesome, being glad, and dwelling vibrantly nicely.

humanuniver tips of life medical mediumI’ve in fact, written about raising your vibration earlier than, and there are lots of guidelines, tactics, and practices which mean you can to vibe up.

However, I do wish to be transparent right here…

The “how-to procedure” for elevating your vibration, increasing your awareness, and connecting with the upper nation-states of spirit is extremely multi-faceted.

And since we are living in a vibrational universe the place the whole thing is hooked up… That implies, the whole thing you do, say, suppose, imagine or even devour performs a task for your general state of consciousness, well-being and energy.

So whilst you’ve most probably heard the pronouncing “you’re what you devour’…  You are also what you suppose, say, imagine and do.

What You Put In Your Frame Without delay Affects Your Vibration

High Vibrational Diet

On this article I wish to focal point in at the vitamin aspect of the equation as a result of what you devour and what you place for your frame performs a key function within the degree of vibration you’ll be able to achieve.

In different phrases, you’re ready to enhance your self in elevating your vibration with a prime vibrational vitamin.

And alternately, you’ll block your growth, motive demanding situations for your bodily frame, and create larger resistance by way of clouding up your thoughts, frame and spirit with toxins and occasional vibrational meals.

Simply consuming prime vibrational meals isn’t sufficient! If you happen to devour completely blank, and cling to a strict uncooked, natural, vegan vitamin, however you haven’t labored to transparent restricting ideals, retrain your unconscious, or quiet the voice of negativity for your thoughts, or transparent the decrease ranges of worry and doubt you’ll most probably nonetheless really feel blocked to your non secular trail.

A prime vibrational vitamin will absolute best serve you for your lifestyles when blended with inside paintings, aligning with a state of affection coherence, and therapeutic at the degree of frame, thoughts, and spirit.

On the other hand now is a brilliant time to make shifts in what you place into your frame, and get started consciously opting for extra prime vibration meals that nourish you and definitely get advantages the Earth too.

The Top Vibrational Nutrition

For a second, believe taking a look on the vibrational frequency of meals, fairly than their colour, texture, price, taste, or dietary qualities.

Top vibrational meals are those who have a better degree of sunshine than density.

Top vibration meals are those who nourish your frame, lend a hand with detoxing, building up your mild quotient (the extent of sunshine you’re ready to hold) and lift your vibrational frequency. The perfect vibrational meals are nutrient wealthy, uncooked, dwelling vegetables and fruit!

humanuniver tips of life high vibration foods 1Top Vibration Meals

As a basic rule, the perfect vibrational meals are Uncooked, Natural, Native and Vegan together with:

Natural vegetables and fruit

Darkish leafy vegetables

Uncooked herbs like cilantro, basil, mint, tarragon, chives, dill.

Sprouts! Alfalfa, mung bean, sunflower seed, brocolli sprouts, and so on.

Wild berries! Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and extra.

Recent Pressed Inexperienced Juice

Recent Pressed Fruit Juice *no sugar added

Uncooked cacao *no sugar added

Medicinal mushrooms like chaga and reishi

Spirulina, Chlorella, Blue Inexperienced Algae

Spring water

Probiotics (Naturally fermented sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha)

Soaked and sprouted uncooked nuts, seeds, legumes and historical grains like Millet or Buckwheat

Chilly pressed natural oils like coconut, flax, avocado, sesame, olive

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sustainably stuck wild fish like Salmon
*do your analysis many forms of fish are prime in heavy metals or are fished in an overly unsustainable manner.

Crystalline Water

Low Vibration FoodsLow Vibration Meals to Keep away from

Sugar- subtle, white and different processed sugar

Canola Oil

Manmade sweetners

White or wheat flour


Meat and Animal Merchandise together with animal flesh, eggs, meat, and cheese

Fried and Processed meals

Corn based totally merchandise and GMO Corn

Canned meals

Over the top Caffeine (Take a look at a espresso alternative like Teeccino or Chaga Tea)


GMO and chemically handled substances

Water handled with chlorine and fluoride

Existence Converting Meals

humanuniver tips of life Lifechanging foodsI actually really feel probably the most keys to luck in transitioning to a prime vibe vitamin is to modify the way in which you take a look at meals. See meals as drugs, as gas for supporting and maintaining your frame and no longer as leisure or a solution to mood-alter.

The attention-grabbing factor about this shift is when your frame detoxes from toxins found in low vibe meals, you in fact begin to crave, experience and want prime vibrational vegetables and fruit that actually nourish enhance and maintain your frame.

When this occurs, your temper is undoubtedly uplifted by way of meals, however in an actual and maintaining and no longer inan  instant-gratification now however pay for it later manner.

To be told extra about meals as drugs, and the miraculous energy of meals to heal… Take a look at Life Changing Foods, or Medical Medium. 

As Anthony William, the creator of each those books (and extra) obviously states:  “Unharness the hidden powers of vegetables and fruit and change into your lifestyles within the procedure.”

Love What You Consume!

I do wish to make something crystal transparent right here. This newsletter isn’t supposed to make you are feeling accountable about the way in which you are consuming now… The important thing fairly is that can assist you shift your consciousness so you make the healthiest possible choices to enhance your frame, and your non secular and ascension adventure.

Your ideas are extremely tough… Ideas are vibrational in nature too!

The entice right here could be to learn this text, be told some belongings you’re consuming are low vibrational, after which proceed to devour them whilst judging your self or feeling accountable.

If you wish to stay consuming ice cream (sure sorry guys low vibrational to the core)… Accomplish that without a guilt or judgement. Bless your ice cream, love your ice cream and devour it in a state of gratitude which is able to counteract despite the fact that no longer utterly steadiness out the low vibration.

Then, believe the next vibrational selection like coconut milk ice cream, or make some vegan “nicecream” which may also be so simple as mixing up frozen bananas the following time you could have that ice cream yearning!

Feeling accountable or judging your self however consuming it anyway best compounds the uncomfortable side effects!

So, love what you devour, consciously glide love into your meals whilst getting ready it, and bless your meals to lift its vibration… Then, simply keep in mind of ways you are feeling while you devour positive issues and get started taking steps to scrub up your vitamin and transition to extra veggies, complete meals, and wholesome prime vibe choices!

Be told extra about Blessing Food with Light to Raise Its Vibration here!

Extra Sources for a Top Vibrational Nutrition

There’s actually such a lot that is going into aligning with a wholesome, prime vibrational vitamin. Listed here are some extra sources for you.

Resources for a High Vibrational Diet

Medical Medium – Life Changing Foods – Guide by way of Anthony William

How to Raise your Consciousness Vibration Through Diet – Article by way of Bridget Nielsen

One Week Raw Vegan Meal Plan – On-line Information from One Inexperienced Planet

Typical Vegan Day and Shopping List – Article by way of No Meat Athlete

Vegan Protein Guide – Article by way of Michael BlueJay

Raise Your Vibration with Essential Oils – Article by way of Melanie Beckler

Crystalline Water to Raise Your Vibration – Article by way of Melanie Beckler


The important thing this is to extend your consciousness and get started taking steps.

On my non-public adventure, I grew up consuming meat, cheese, sugar, and a wide variety of processed meals… One step at a time I began slicing out low vibrational pieces and changing them with nourishing, scrumptious and prime vibrational meals.

For me, I believe it is all about taking steps, striving to devour extra uncooked natural, and prime vibe when conceivable, and actually loving and appreciating what you do put into your frame!

I’m hoping this used to be useful for you!

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler


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