The 7 Most Powerful Vibration-Raising Techniques

Have you ever pondered why we get sick from “the true cause,” or why are some of us more susceptible to infections, or even cancer cells? Without a doubt, we would have the secret to health and self-healing if we could recognise the underlying source of an illness.

While modern medicine can claim all the answers, conventional doctors can not explain how thousands of terminal patients spontaneously cure themselves against all odds. In reality, the Remission Project has catalogued over 35,000 cases of spontaneous remission reported throughout the world.

These terminal patients have not only challenged the structures of contemporary medicine, but have overcome the accepted limits of the body. But why is the exception instead of the rule these self-healed patients?

Although we have experienced the inherent ability of the body to repair minor problems such as skin abrasions, contusions and fractured bones, most of us seem to be limited in terms of self-healing more significant problems. But why should the body “fail to heal” if it actually matters?

After all, shouldn’t we all be able to if some of us can repair terminal problems?

Vibration is the secret of self-healing!

Like everything in the world, the human body consists of vibrational energy, and, thankfully, our bodies function perfectly when we retain their optimal frequency. Indeed, as long as we vibrate almost at the ideal frequency, before any obvious problems, the body immediately cures any physical ailments and ensures perfect health.

Elevate your spiritual vibration.

If our optimal frequency is affected over a long length of time, then the natural healing capability in the body is weakened appropriately and if the body can not cure itself effectively, minor physical problems might increase into severe illnesses, diseases or chronic conditions.

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Actually, practically every chronic and terminal disease starts with minor physical problems that would otherwise heal if the body were to vibrate at its best.

Moreover, any region of the body that is more prone to disease spends weeks, months or years out of “vibrational equilibrium.” For example, have you ever observed that during times of stress, you are more likely to fall sick? Whenever stress reduces our vibration, the immunity of the body is impaired, making us cold- and flu magnets – or worse.

In the final analysis, we can avoid all kinds of moderate to significant physical problems just by keeping a high vibration level.

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Wonder or Mastery?

While a low vibration can lead to several physical problems, the same problems can be resolved by boosting our vibration to a level where the body can repair itself. For example, while cancer cells and viruses flourish at low frequencies, they can not survive at high frequencies, meaning that if our vibration is increased to a level where the problems can not survive, the body heals spontaneously.

While a low-frequency body is sensitive to disease, the remedy increases the frequency of the body!

By increasing the vibration of the body to a healing frequency, the same intrinsic, self-healing ability to treat minor cuts and bruises can treat chronic and even terminal problems – and it’s never too late, based on the records of over 3,500 patients! In reality, merely elevating the vibration of the body to a level at which it can repair itself, may mean that we can experience the same kind of “miracles”, and if so, it means that we are all competent to heal the incurable!

Although when vibrating at the proper frequency, the human body can almost heal everything, it’s also crucial to remember that the consistent level of our frequency has to be related to the healing degree necessary. Just as water can not boil without a certain amount of heat, without a particular level of vibration, the body can not heal from severe physical problems.

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