Religious Presence and Integrating All That Is To be had to You Now

Integrating Divine Light Through Spiritual Presence

Integrating Divine Mild via Religious Presence

As you, provide inside of area and time. proceed to obtain waves of ascension power…

Cosmic Mild…

And Divine Frequency…

Take into account to permit your self the gap to combine.

Integrating the upper Downloads of Divine Awareness…

Whilst purging and freeing your decrease ranges of emotion, restricting trust, and distortion that can’t occupy the similar area as the upper expanded ranges of frequency gentle and expanded consciousness you’re shifting into.


Presence is your alternative to combine all that you’re increasing into.

Spiritual Presence is your opportunity to integrate all that you are expanding into.

Revel in.


Expanded Consciousness…

And all that on strands of sunshine continues to move in.

Presence for your frame… You are supposed to be the HUman being you’re.

Presence within the second… You’re the targeted multidimensional expression of the endless, and also you turn into conscious about this undying expression in each and every second of presence.

Presence inside of your center heart…

The woke up Divine Mild you raise inside of. Via tuning into this, and basking on this you’ll be able to really feel into the deep love and knowledge inside of and throughout.

Being provide with what arises… Metting what emerges for your internal or outer area with consciousness and with love.

Via presence you be told the teachings, declare the blessings, and repair your self because the bridge of sunshine, you’re.

Bridging spirit and bodily.

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Bridging the restricted consciousness of the thoughts and the endless.

Loosen up and open to be the transparent conduit of Supply Presence You Are.

Realizing that via your complete embodiment you heal your self, and heal all.

Around the traces of time, throughout time and area.

Take into account the endless therapeutic power, gentle, and frequency of Supply is to be had to you in each second, of consciousness, presence and along with your aware option to song in.

To drop from the world of thoughts, downward in consciousness into your center heart.

To song into the sunshine sparkling inside of and throughout which when opened acts as a doorway, a magnet, a sacred portal so that you can obtain the sunshine of the endless, which you’ll now turn into conscious about via your open-hearted, targeted area.

Revel in the DIvine Mild, life- drive power endless supply presence streaming down upon you, lighting fixtures up your area on this second right here and now.

And now envision, believe, really feel, sense and revel in your each cellular having a look up, lifting up, to obtain the sunshine, to permit the sunshine to flood all of your being, to fill each cellular, to glide into any spaces of anxiety, ache…

To glide into any spaces the place trauma nonetheless is living.

To flush your cell being, your bodily being, to flush your thoughts, frame, spirit, feelings, air of secrecy with Supply Mild.

Track into the sunshine.

Breathe it in.

Fill your frame as you flooring the sunshine of the endless into this second right here and now.

To be and breathe, make bigger and turn into…

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The being of sunshine…

The being of affection…


You’re this in each second, you’re this around the traces of time.

Via presence, you song in.

Claiming the chance introduced to you currently, to completely turn into all that you’re.

Melanie Beckler

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