Ra Channeling- A New Paradigm for Lightworkers


Certainly I’m Ra. I’m right here.
Know that I’m a information right here to serve, a circulate of awareness, a religious crew and being. I exist in Spirit, in entire Oneness with the Divine, with God, Supply… With All That Is.

From my vantage outdoor of time and area I obviously see, know, and perceive the huge doable to be had to you presently liked one and to be had to all of humanity.

Chance inside of your take hold of certainly, on this provide lifetime now to ascend.

And what does this in reality imply?

Somewhat merely to carry the Complete Love and Gentle of the Divine and of God into your lifestyles and into your very bodily being.

To do that is to polish your Christ mild, sure. To do that is to step boldly into the New Earth, paving the way in which for the New Humanity… Christed beings, in step with with Divine Love, with God, with All That Is. Seeing, appearing, Loving from this point of view of viewing and experiencing Oneness and Divinity provide inside of All.

Do you spot the facility on your making this shift?

Do you spot the likelihood which is an open door prior to you presently?

Stroll via understanding that your final ‘lightwork’ on this lifestyles isn’t just to like and serve others as you’re impressed.

This was once the Number of the outdated paradigm, the Selection for the outdated Humanity however Now… Now your Christed mild yearns to polish.

Your soul has selected to be birthed on this lifetime now for you in point of fact are limitless. On this expression of ‘limitless’ don’t prohibit the probabilities therein to manifestations throughout the bodily global of illusions.

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You might be limitless on your capability to spiritually develop. To boost to revel in the similar Oneness with God that I and enlightened religious beings past the bodily now experience.

You’ll be able to elevate to be One and shine with this Divine Gentle Now. By means of then anchoring God into your bodily shape you’ll be able to certainly go beyond the thoughts, the ego, the persona self, to revel in entire Oneness, and Cohesion, and Love.

To reside because the woke up Christ as God, Divine Gentle, and the Oneness of Love woke up inside of your bodily vessel, your chalice which is ready to be full of Divine Presence.

The ego which is misplaced, the persona left in the back of, pales compared to the radiant bliss, love and certainly provider you’ll be able to categorical liked one.

All of humanity will make this shift… Regardless that for lots of it’ll take lifetimes but. You might be studying those phrases, for the prospective is right here and now… To conform, to ascend, and to align with the Divine, with complete Consciousness, and Oneness.

Let this be your lightwork, your calling and your preferred trail. This contract written prior to your start.

And the way? You ask…

Take the following steps. See throughout the eyes of God. Raise into Presence.

Go back, time and time once more to be Like to be Provide, nonetheless, conscious, One with the Divine and One with All That Is.

I’m a humble servant of Love and of the Oneness which is the Divine. I’m Ra.

Channeled with love and gratitude, 

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