Palo Santo Picket – Must You Burn This “Holy Picket”?

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Have you ever heard of Palo Santo? I am in LOVE with it!

I first discovered in regards to the makes use of of Palo Santo when I used to be operating at a small crystal and metaphysical store in Lake Tahoe. We offered those superb little sacred sticks there and I used to be instantly attracted to them.

Fascinated, I regarded up the homes and came upon the unbelievable magic that those easy having a look little “holy sticks” of picket held.

I instantly began burning palo santo within the morning earlier than opening the store and located it to be a perfectly efficient method to energetically cleanse the store and temporarily carry the vibration firstly of the day.

I additionally began to percentage and suggest it with lots of my consumers so they might revel in the blessings of this plant as smartly.

Alternatively… We wish to consider in terms of purchasing and the use of this sacred picket nowadays, and here is why:

It is Endangered!

To be fair, I used to be saddened once I noticed posts on Social Media about Palo Santo being endangered… To start with look I felt I had inadvertently contributed to this, by means of running a blog and sharing about the advantages of this picket and crucial oil.

However with some digging I discovered that there is extra to this tale than in the beginning look apparently…

So is Palo Santo truly endangered?

Sure and no.

The identify “Palo Santo” or “holy picket” en Espanol is a reputation that has been given to 2 other tree species in South and Central The usa.

This sort of species is endangered, the opposite isn’t.

The 2 species are Bursera graveolens and Bulnesia sarmientoi.

Bulnesia sarmientoi is endangered!

Bursera graveolens isn’t. And whilst a lot of the PaloSanto offered nowadays for smudging is of the Bursera graveolens selection…

This complete factor doping up is a truly just right reminder about sustainability generally.

With regards to the use of herbal vegetation in our religious practices, whether or not this is as tea, crucial oil, incense, and so on…

You must consider of the supply!

Has the fabric we’re the use of been harvested in a sustainable manner?

Purchase sustainable, and know the supply!

In order for you to be told extra about Palo Santo being endangered… Listed below are a few further assets:

Is PaloSanto Endangered? -Sacred Picket Essence Article

Not a Myth… A Misunderstanding – 3rd Eye Picket

So Wait… What’s Palo Santo?

PaloSanto is a form of picket that comes from the tree of the similar identify. It’s indigenous to South The usa, and its identify method “holy picket” due to the many healing and non secular homes it carries.

Palo SantoSimilar to sage, the smoke of palo santo sticks is so powerfully cleaning that its usually utilized in Central and South American Shamanic Rituals.

For generations, drugs other folks, shamans, Incas, and different tribal other folks within the Andes and South The usa have used the method of burning this sacred picket for therapeutic and clearing functions.

The religious homes come all through the demise of the tree. Every tree lives for as much as 90 years after which lies useless for no less than 4 years earlier than any picket is harvested for rituals. It’s all through this time, when the residing tree transforms, that it positive factors its sacred homes.

The Many Advantages of Palo Santo

As you may be expecting, the record of advantages from the use of Palo Santo is an extended one because it has many clearing and therapeutic homes

Palo Santo Makes use of

  • It is smelly perfume relieve tension and nervousness
  • Can assist to get rid of complications and signs of the average chilly
  • Reduces irritation, bronchial asthma, and allergic reactions
  • Eases emotional or psychological trauma like despair
  • You’ll be able to use it together with different therapeutic modalities like crystal therapeutic or Reiki
  • Deepen your religious connection
  • Raises your lively vibration
  • Complements creativity
  • Use in therapeutic massage treatment to alleviate ache within the joints and muscle groups
  • Relieve tricky pores and skin prerequisites and advertise wholesome pores and skin
  • Attainable anti-cancer results
  • Conjures up a way of peace and calm
  • Calms the immune machine
  • Cleanse a crystal or different sacred gadgets
  • Liberate negativity
  • Evoke a way of affection and reference to Spirit.

Burning Palo Santo Picket

The ability of burning PaloSanto is that its smoke is extremely clearing and purifying. And so in consequence it’s maximum usually used for purifying power, cleaning other folks and gadgets, therapeutic sickness, inspiring creativity, coverage, attracting just right fortune and love, and clearing negativity.

When you have a meditation follow, believe burning a little bit PaloSanto all through earlier than and all through your follow to track into the advantages. While you consciously paintings with this sacred plant with appreciate, no longer simplest can it carry your vibration, nevertheless it may also assist to glue you to the divine supply in addition to Mom Earth.

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Many of us revel in the use of it as an energizer to raise their spirits or get ready for a role or mission as smartly.

Steps for Cleaning with Palo Santo 

This procedure for the use of PaloSanto to cleanse your house is very similar to smudging with sage, so if you happen to’re aware of that procedure, you’ll be able to merely upload a stick of palo santo for your sage package and feature at it.

If you are new to all of this… This is the method. 

First you clearly wish to download some PaloSanto.

You’ll be able to to find Palo Santo in lots of native crystal and metaphysical retail outlets, herbal meals shops, and even on Amazon… Make sure that you search for corporations who’re sustainably harvesting PaloSanto, and who’re replanting timber as part of their procedure of making merchandise from this picket too!

Click here to purchase Palo Santo online. 

Get Palo Santo Essential Oil from Young Living Here

I love to make use of Younger Residing crucial oils on account of their dedication to sustainability and high quality in each step of the method from rising, harvesting and replanting, to in fact growing the crucial oil.

Easy methods to Burn Palo Santo?

  1. Cling one stick of PaloSanto on your hand, and transfer the top furthest out of your hand right into a flame to mild it on fireplace.
  2. Subsequent, grasp the stick (and sage package, if the use of) and set an aim or say a prayer.  This can also be for clearing detrimental power out of your house, frame, thoughts, or power.

Observe- PaloSanto does not mild just about as simply as say, White Sage… So while you mild the palo santo, be sure you let the open flame burn for approximately 30 seconds earlier than you blow it out so the flame correctly catches. This is a piece of picket, so simply as you might blow on a campfire to assist the picket catch on fireplace, as soon as the PaloSanto has been burning for some time, blowing on it could actually assist to domesticate the smolder.

Palo Santo Prayer

Ask that the cleaning smoke of the PaloSanto cleanse your house, carry the vibration and attract sure power.

Now, permit the sacred smoke to fill the room you are in.

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Stroll methodically across the room, being certain to wafting the smoke up towards the ceiling and down towards the ground.

Transfer thru your home till you’ve entered every room.

Palo Santo Cleaning Ritual

When cleaning your self, start down close to your toes, wafting smoke throughout you till you finish on the crown of your head.

You’ll be able to additionally use Palo Santo Picket to cleanse detrimental power from a crystal out of your oracle card decks, pendulums, or every other magical or sacred gadgets.

Remember that, in contrast to same old incense, palo santo might relight itself a number of instances whilst you use it, or you might have to carry it within the flame for moderately some time earlier than it lighting in any respect.

While you’re completed together with your explicit cleaning ritual, if the stick continues to be burning, you’ll be able to position it in a fire-safe steel or ceramic bowl as a way to let the ember die out naturally by itself.

What does Palo Santo Odor Like?

I to find the odor and tool of Palo Santo Picket to be moderately robust in order that a little bit is going far.

It has a piney, mint and citrus like odor that’s truly moderately distinctive – so distinctive that it’s laborious to consider that you simply’re burning picket while you odor it.

Is It Extra Tough Than Sage?

Individually, white sage and palosanto are my favourite smudging combo! They every have a moderately distinctive power and but each are robust.

PaloSanto additionally pairs splendidly with sweetgrass, juniper, or cedar.

Smudging Prayer With White Sage and PaloSanto

Click here to read the Smudging Prayer! 

Purchase sustainably… Give it a take a look at… And revel in the advantages!

With love and light-weight,

Melanie Beckler

P.S. If this used to be useful for you… Please percentage


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