Lemurian Seed Crystal Energy~ Tuning Into Love and Mild!

The Energy of A Lemurian Seed Crystal

Running with a lemurian seed crystal throughout therapeutic periods may also be extremely tough, whether or not you’re operating with a bodily, psychological, emotional, or religious situation.

Lemurian Seed Crystal

Lemurian Seed Crystals are one of those quartz crystal which assists in connecting with historic and angelic knowledge.

You’ll be able to acknowledge Lemurian Seed Crystals via their distinctive ladder-like groves that quilt the crystals from best to backside.

Like any crystals they arrive in various sun shades and sizes, and plenty of have inclusions, or imperfections, that cause them to much more stunning. They vary in hue from smoky, crimson, blue, apricot, inexperienced, crimson, and golden. First present in Brazilian mines, items are actually being present in Columbia, Russia, Zambia, Tibet, and the US. Maximum crystals have a cloudy floor whilst the Columbia crystals have a purer readability and feature been nicknamed “The Blades of Mild.” The ones coming from the Himalaya’s are idea to have an overly particular power as neatly.

The Legend of Lemuria

Lemurian Seed Crystals dangle and transmit an overly particular power.  Stated to be despatched to Earth via the traditional Top Priestesses of Lemuria, they include the wealthy religious teachings of the Lemurian other people.  Should you’re no longer acquainted, Lemuria is a misplaced and sacred land which existed hundreds of years in the past.  Their civilization was once no longer best complex, however was once of a better awareness as neatly.  They appear to have been a steady individuals who cared a great deal for the Earth. No bodily evidence recently exists from this historic land, however the legends that stay let us know that it’s now underneath the Pacific Ocean.  Very similar to Atlantis, Lemuria sank when the divine teachings the place misused.

This abuse intended that the Lemurians would go away this bodily airplane and the land would sink underneath the sea.  In anticipation of this, the Priestesses despatched their accumulated knowledge deep into the Earth which then crystallized as quartz.

Very similar to how we blank, price, and program crystals lately, Lemurian seeds have been programmed with knowledge as they crystallized. The grooves that mark those crystals are coding – just like a contemporary bar code, you’ll believe it a non secular bar code.  Whilst you music into this coding, you are going to awaken the sacred teachings held inside.

Tapping Into the Energy of A Lemurian Seed Crystal

Lemurian Seed Crystals

As a result of they have got a definite yin, or feminine, power, Lemurian Seeds are improbable receivers of data. They include Divine Female blessings that are was hoping to carry therapeutic to the planet.

All quartz crystals are wonderful amplifiers that may lend a hand to lift your vibration, in addition to building up interior imaginative and prescient, and readability.

Along with this, Lemurian Seed Crystal’s particular vibration will allow you to to faucet at once into the angelic nation-states, the place you have got a transparent reference to angels and ascended masters.

To paintings with the crystals, dangle the seeds on your dominant (sending) hand and start via surroundings an purpose to heart your consideration on manifestation.  You’ll be able to then both transfer into prayer, visualization, or easy mindfulness. The quartz acts as a conductor of your purpose and amplifies it out to the universe.

The Lemurian seed power will awaken the priestess power and building up the knowledge of your personal interior trainer. Through often operating with those crystals and getting to understand their power, you are going to acquire get entry to to better facets of your personal soul and succeed in your complete full of life and non secular attainable on this lifestyles.

Ask someone who has often used this kind of crystal and so they’ll let you know with nice simple task that they have got won a large number of knowledge from Lemurian seeds. That is how we know the way the crystals have been left for us and why.  Whilst you use them, they let you know. Many healers have reported a way of being transported again to that historic civilization.

Other people have reported higher focus, balanced feelings, feeling unconditional love, and bodily therapeutic from the loving and robust power of those crystals. Recall to mind the ladder like marks on their our bodies in an effort to ascend ever upper towards your angels and to the Divine.

Feed Your Soul

All crystals have their strategies for locating their means into the proper keeper’s palms.  That is very true for Lemurian seeds.

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Those crystals in finding those that are maximum in a position to do the paintings of gaining access to the tips saved inside and serving to to heal the arena.  Doing this paintings has the additional advantage of nourishing your personal soul as neatly.  Should you often paintings with a Lemurian seed, providing therapeutic on a non secular degree to folks or humanity as an entire, then you are going to concurrently obtain their therapeutic energies on your bodily, psychological, emotional, and non secular our bodies.

Lemurian power will input you and go away you feeling fulfilled. This in flip lets you succeed in a extra significant degree of your personal religious enlargement.  You’ll in finding extra readability, uncover religious skills, and transfer past the ego to permit your middle and soul to make extra lifestyles selections. No matter your religious apply – meditation, yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, chanting, offering a non secular studying for some other – retaining a Lemurian seed when you achieve this will magnify your connection to Lemurian knowledge in addition to with your personal angels.

Creating a Dating With Your Crystal

If in case you have a Lemurian seed, it is going to information you for your apply and easy methods to take advantage of use of it.  You will have to merely pay attention and take into account that you’re interacting with this crystal every time you employ it. As a result of they’re so tough you will have to often blank, price, and reprogram them.  Simply merely sitting with them so as to set an purpose for your self or others, offers you get entry to to the tips they wish to percentage.

Retrieving Historic Knowledge

In case you are doing therapeutic paintings on some other, dangle the crystal on your dominant hand and believe white mild streaming from the supply, via your frame, into the crystal, after which into the individual you’re operating on. This method works whether or not the individual is bodily provide with you or no longer.

One manner of gaining access to the crystals that I in finding specifically useful comes to meditation. Hang the Lemurian seed on your dominate hand for a couple of mins.  This lets you determine a connection. Then transfer right into a meditation apply of your opting for.  Both breath consciousness, mindfulness, or any method that permits you get entry to a deeper calm and sense of your upper self.

Then carry your consideration to the crystal on your hand.  Run your hands over the marks at the frame of the crystal.  If you are feeling a way to forestall your hands at a undeniable position, achieve this.  Gently press the spot the place your finger stopped. Now chill out and make allowance your self to pay attention and be open to obtain any messages which can be looking to come regardless that. Proceed transferring your hands alongside the ridges, permitting extra messages and sensations to come back via.  Ask in particular on your angel to be provide and ask for a message.  If you are feeling strongly, have interaction in a psychological dialog so as to deepen your connection together with your angel and the crystal.

Proceed this custom each day.  It would take a couple of periods earlier than you obtain a message, so don’t be discouraged.

Permutations of Lemurian Seed Crystals

There are a number of permutations of  Lemurian Seed Crystals, all wearing other vibrations and makes use of.

Scarlet Temple Quartz or Strawberry Lemurian Seeds

That is the title given to the crimson and crimson tinged Lemurian Seeds.  In all probability because of publicity to hematite or iron, those crystals are carefully hooked up to Mom Earth and to the Very best Priestesses maximum carefully associated with Divine love.

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Holding Scarlet Temple Quartz close to you reminds you of this connection and love inside your self. Should you’re having a look to transport deeper into a selected religious educating or a sacred imaginative and prescient that you simply’ve had, this can be a best crystal to make use of.

Lemurian Golden Healer Quartz

Golden in colour because of publicity to Iron Oxide, those are tough healers to make use of on your apply.  Whilst you use them often, they allow you to to turn into a channel for common lifestyles drive power.  Should you’re a working towards healer, those crystals are precious when operating on others.

Blades of Mild (Colombian Lemurian Seeds)

Those crystals are discovered within the Columbian mines and are named because of their top readability – virtually like a contemporary water movement. And similar to their composition, the use of those crystals will carry you excessive readability.

They’re an immediate connection to the Divine and may also be helpful in unlocking the guru inside in addition to listening to the messages of the angels. If in case you have a big lifestyles choice to make, a Blades of Mild Lemurian Seed will make clear the very best and easiest means ahead.

Starseed Lemurian Quartz or Starbrary Quartz

Extra of those crystals are being came upon and it’s believed that this is because spirit is the use of them to transport all of humanity to a better vibration.

What’s in reality distinctive about Starseed variation are the hieroglyphs that seem on one of the most faces. Use this in case you have karma triggered well being issues.  Some have even shared stories of being transported to different dimensions once they often use Starseed. For the ones serious about previous lifestyles exploration, use Starseed together with White Heulandite.

Crystals That Mix Superbly With Lemurians

Use Lemurian Seed Crystals together with different crystals to get entry to upper vibrations. Any top vibration crystal will heighten the ability of the Lemurian Seeds.

  • Larimar can be utilized to lend a hand get entry to female and goddess power
  • Herkimer diamonds spice up the power of some other crystal they mix with
  • Moldavite will lift your power much more when operating on well being problems
  • To get entry to the angel nation-states check out the use of Amphibole Quartz, Petalite, Blue Celestite, or Serphinite
  • To paintings for your crown chakra, use Lemurian Seeds with Goethite or Chiastolite

The place to Purchase Lemurian Seed Crystals

There are lots of puts the place you’ll purchase Lemurian seed crystals like native crystal and metaphysical retail outlets, psychic festivals, in addition to gem and mineral displays.

On-line, they are to be had via websites like Amazon or Etsy.

With love and lightweight,

Melanie Beckler

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