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Learn how to Cleanse Crystals With The POWER of The five Components!

The POWER of Cleaning Crystals with the five Components

If you will paintings with crystals, it’s completely very important that you simply cleanse their power each to start with, and steadily.

There are lots of strategies for cleaning crystals, then again, essentially the most tough and efficient crystal cleaning simplest occurs while you faucet into the facility of the five Components.

Why & How Cleaning Crystals Works

Crystals are essentially the most solid manifestation of divine power within the bodily and they’re all the time receiving and emitting power.

When this means of recording and emitting power occurs throughout the earth or in pristine nature, this can be a gorgeous, magical, reciprocal power alternate.

But if we take crystals out in their pristine herbal properties and produce them into ours, or even if we engage with their power fields, they proceed soaking up and broadcasting power.

Positive crystals like Smoky Quartz, Indigo Gabbro, or different naturally darkish stones like Obsidian, can soak up a fantastic quantity of negativity, unfavorable fear-based power, and distorted power earlier than they then get started emitting it out.

However for plenty of stones and crystals, together with lighter stones like Transparent Quartz or Inexperienced Calcite or every other collection of extremely magical stones, they wish to be cleansed extra steadily as a result of once they come upon negativity, they soak up it, and it has some way of blockading their transparent transmission of really helpful power and will in reality make them emit one of the vital negativity they’ve absorbed.

And until you’re operating with one of the most very uncommon few stones like Indigo Gabbro, that has the transmutation skill of transmuting negativity it takes on again into sure power…

You’ll wish to help the crystals in cleaning out the negativity and unfavorable power its taken so they are able to emit their natural, sensible mild and effort this is so supportive for us as non secular beings within the bodily.

Learn how to Cleanse Crystals

How to Cleanse Crystals with the 5 Elements

There are lots of alternative ways to cleanse crystals.

Now not they all are created similarly.

Being a very long time crystal lover and dealing with crystals for a very long time, I have get a hold of some way that works for me to cleanse crystals the usage of the 5 components.

The explanation this system is so tough, is as a result of as I discussed, crystals in natural, pristine nature are engaged on this really helpful power alternate and transmission with the earth power and with non secular power.

So when crystals are in pristine nature, the earth power in reality cleanses and harmonizes the power of the stone.

The 5 components, earth, air, hearth, water, ether, they’re the development blocks of chi. They’re the fundamental power that permit spirit to manifest within the bodily.

So that you could cleanse the power of the pretty crystal you’re operating with, you’ll use those strategies I am about to proportion with you to awaken that power of the 5 components so as to repair the crystalline fact, purity, readability, and brilliance.

As you learn via those strategies of cleaning crystals with the five Components, I’d counsel you are taking a minimum of such a strategies for each and every of the weather so as to whole a complete, thorough and whole cleaning of your stone.

Not unusual Strategies for Crystal Cleaning

Numerous folks love to cleanse crystals through simply smudging them with sage, simply the usage of the facility of goal, or simply hanging them out beneath the Moonlight. Should you use any of those strategies, know that your crystal cleaning procedure be a lot more tough when you draw on all of the 5 components.

Through cleaning crystals with the five Components, we’re no longer simplest putting off negativity, we are additionally restoring on a refined power stage, the crystals herbal reference to nature throughout the five components.

Cleaning With The five Components


Let’s get started with. Ether. Ether is every so often referred to as house. It’s actually the gap we glance up at within the night time sky, however additionally it is the gap between moments, the celestial house between the entirety, the place we will be able to get right of entry to the primordial void of countless chance.

To cleanse your crystals with Ether, you’ll fairly actually put them outdoor beneath the night time sky to song them into the power of house, despite the fact that this isn’t all the time one of the best, so I’m going to let you know about how you’ll stage this up in only a minute.

However what I truly need to proportion with the ether element is to faucet into the facility of goal as a result of ether or the etheric, is the primary stage of refined power past the bodily frame.

Ether is the interface between the bodily realm and the upper non secular realities. So you’ll song into the etheric house so as to name forth the upper energies of Spirit to cleanse your stone via prayer and goal.

Leveraging the beef up of upper non secular beings is a formidable means to try this.

So you’ll merely focal point in your stone, targeted inside and ask:

“Loved Supply of All That Is, the One… Sun Emblems, Christ Mild. Dad or mum Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters in Spirit…

I ask to your beef up in cleaning this pretty crystal being of any and all negativity or unfavorable power it’s going to have taken directly to assist repair it to its true Divine nature, maximum colourful readability and maximum radiant mild.


While you’ve tapped into the Ether component through connecting with upper non secular beings, and the power of the upper geographical regions, then we transfer directly to the following component, which is. Earth.

One way for cleaning crystals with the Earth component is to actually position your crystals outdoor at the Earth in a pristine, sure power position in nature. You’ll be able to additionally bury a stone within the Earth *simply put some marker as to the place you buried it so you’ll consider the place it’s.

Now, when you occur to be dwelling in a town or a spot that has geographic rigidity or unfavorable earth energies, this is not going to paintings smartly, or in any respect.

Salt of the Earth

An impressive choice for tapping into the Earth component to cleanse crystals is salt!

Fill a shallow bowl or tray with salt, and position your crystals on it.

Salt has been utilized in historic cultures, lineages and traditions all over the world for eons for its cleaning and purification homes.

So similar to in case you are feeling emotionally weighed down, it is advisable take a salt tub so as to shift your power, hanging your stones on salt will assist to cleanse and carry their vibration through putting off what they are no longer, and revealing the reality of what they’re.

Now, numerous folks counsel soaking your stones in salt water, and that is very tough cleaning through combining Earth and Water… However it may possibly go away a salty residue in your stones and for extraordinarily prime finish crystals, it may possibly in reality injury their luster.

Saltwater could be very caustic, and so so you might need to watch out with that manner.


For air there’s in reality some cleaning get advantages in bringing your crystal outdoor when it’s windy and tuning in to that air component, the facility of wind to cleanse and grow to be.

Because the air strikes via you, grasp the goal of the air shifting via your stone blowing away and cleaning away any and all negativity.

This isn’t then again all the time essentially the most whole or dependable cleaning and there are alternative ways to leverage the cleaning energy of air.

The primary, is the usage of sound like ringing a brass bell, the usage of a tingsha, or making a song bowl with the goal for the sound waves touring at the air to cleanse your stone.

You’ll be able to additionally leverage the facility of fireside, and plant existence, along side air to cleanse the usage of a smudge or incense.

Mild a cleaning incense like Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Cedar, and because the smoke from the incense strikes throughout the air, song into the component of air, and grasp your crystal within the smoke to be able to cleanse its power.

“Cleanse and unencumber any and all distorted power, and any and all negativity into the sunshine.”

This can be a tough approach to cleanse your crystal with the power of air, however its no longer fully whole.

Even supposing the incense represents Earth, Air and Hearth mixed… We’re lacking water. So I’ll proportion yet another step you’ll upload to finish your five Part Cleaning.

However whilst we’re at the matter of lighting fixtures incense on hearth, let’s speak about hearth.


After all incense leverages the component of fireside so as to be lit. Incense in and of itself is that this fusion of air, of fireside and of earth or plant existence.

However if in case you have a candle lit in entrance of you. Song into the component of Hearth found in its flame. Song into the non secular presence, heat, mild and tool of the fireplace.

You’ll be able to in reality grasp your crystal as much as the Hearth, and know that there’s cleaning and purification power emitted throughout the flame, from the fireplace itself.

Alternately, you probably have a hearth, you’ll grasp your crystals as much as the fireplace. Tuning into the heat and cleaning energy of the flames. *As much as the fireplace, no longer within the hearth, which might be very harsh to your stones and you may burn your self.

The power of the Solar after all carries the tough Hearth component as smartly, and daylight is a good manner for cleaning stones, particularly while you put an goal in the back of it (Ether), and put your crystal out at the Earth within the contemporary Air, the place it may possibly obtain the cleaning Hearth Power of the Solar.

You do need to be cautious with this system as a result of many stones like Amethyst, Azurite, Fluorite, Kunzite, Celestite, and extra will fade if ignored within the daylight.

Transparent quartz is excellent within the daylight, however one thing that is truly vibrantly coloured will most likely fade, so you want to watch out with the daylight manner, and do not be disturbed as a result of there are naturally, different ways in which I already shared to faucet in to that component of fireside.


A good way to cleanse your crystals with the water component is to actually grasp them beneath working water.

Should you reside someplace the place you’ll get right of entry to a movement or river, preserving them within the water, tuning into the cleaning go with the flow and etheric power of the water is amazingly tough to cleanse their power.

You’ll be able to additionally grasp a crystal beneath the working water from a tap with the goal for the water cleanse and transmute any and all negativity, or distorted power out of your stone… Cleaning it out and letting it move.

Very important Oil Spray

Any other superb manner for cleaning crystals with the water component is to make an very important oil spray.

That is in reality a fusion of Earth power (plant existence) and the Water component.

I love to make a sprig for this the usage of sacred frankincense very important oil, sandalwood very important oil and hyssop very important oil. Lavender is some other nice very important oil selection for this as smartly.  (I exploit Younger Residing Very important oils, and relating to Very important oils high quality oils are key, as many reasonable oils have poisonous chemical substances).

Those oils I discussed all have other pranic power colours that both soak up toxicity or purge toxicity.

Whilst you spray stones, you need to take action with the added goal for the stone to unencumber into the sunshine all that not serves.

Somewhat announcing I truly like that you’ll use is: “Water, water, transparent and brilliant. Cleanse those crystals. with love and light-weight.”

An very important oil water spray is truly efficient and works smartly to move round your house you probably have larger crystals and temporarily spritz and spray to cleanse the stones.

Repair the True Vibration of Your Stones

Cleaning your crystals through tapping into the facility of the 5 components is helping to revive their True vibration, which is a novel and solid idea trend of the divine.

Every crystal carries a fantastically distinctive power and is hooked up to fantastic upper non secular beings.

Crystals help you to learn to attach to raised ranges of spirit or to thrive in additional of your fact and authenticity as a non secular being within the bodily, for your personal proper.

Cleaning crystals with the 5 components: Earth, Air, Hearth, Water, and Ether recreates the harmonious earth power alternate between Crystals and the Earth and will assist your stones to return into their divine essence and True manifestation so they are able to be tough allies for you.

I’m hoping this used to be useful for you on tips on how to cleanse crystals.

Learn more about the Healing Power of Crystals here >>

Or Shop Crystal Jewelry Here >>

With love and brilliant blessings,

Melanie Beckler


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