Easy Tree of Existence Meditation

Tree of Existence Meditation

Easy Tree Meditation 

Good day, Melanie right here. I’m about to proportion with you a surprisingly easy and but efficient Tree of Existence Meditation meditation you’ll do anytime and anyplace to shift your vibration, flooring and heart your power, or connect to nature on a deeper stage.

I really like doing this meditation out of doors in nature, however in reality, you’ll do it anyplace you need.

ATree of Life Meditation

ll you wish to have to do is rise up, and position your toes flat at the ground.

Take a second to note if you happen to’re leaning ahead, backward, or to 1 aspect or the opposite, after which consciously stability your power, centering your weight and starting to song into the earth underneath your toes.

Whenever you’re well balanced, status there together with your toes flat at the flooring, shut your eyes, and consider that you just’re a tree.

Believe you’re an enormous redwood tree, status tall, utterly hole at the within, transparent of concept, concern, or rigidity.

Believe you’re achieving up against the sunshine together with your branches, letting the sunshine shine down and thru all your being.

Subsequent consider you’ve gotten roots, achieving method down during the flooring against the earth, firmly grounding you on this provide second.

Really feel your power flowing down like tree roots grounding you to the earth, and flowing all of the method right down to the sunshine on the core of the earth. Really feel your power achieving down with tree roots, thru layers of earth, and bedrock, and sediment, previous rocks and pebbles, different roots, worms and insects, achieving down, grounding you on this provide second.

Really feel your power totally grounded, and concurrently really feel your self achieving up against the sky, achieving up against the sunshine, your branches achieving up and out, soaking up the entire shiny natural daylight.

Really feel your self absorbing and soaking up natural supply gentle, crystalline awareness, filling you, filling your frame, filling your tree trunk with gentle.

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On this second let your self merely be balanced between the sky and the earth. Simply being, respiring and gazing the arena round you.
Really feel your reference to the entire different bushes within the woodland, with the birds, with the air, with the sky. You might be one with it. You might be one with the Divine, one with the Earth, one with Nature, one with All That Is.


Benefit from the feeling of being grounded to earth, achieving up against the sky, full of gentle, your middle open, all your being utterly illuminated…

Simply breathe and be, and experience this unbelievable, and but easy Tree of Existence Meditation anytime.

With love and light-weight,

Melanie Beckler

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