Earth Angels, Starseeds, Lightworkers…. Why Are We Right here?

Why Are We In reality Right here?

Have you ever ever questioned why Earth Angels, Starseeds and Lightworkers are right here?

Why would we, as endless, huge, badass, top vibrational, religious beings select taper down our vibration into the bodily?

Why would we decrease our vibration to be able to have compatibility in those bodily our bodies, into the 3rd and fourth dimensions, right into a realm of problem and duality?

Why are we in point of fact right here?

We are Right here For the Natural Enjoy of Being Alive

Why Are We Here

There are lots of layers of causes for why we are in point of fact right here.

The primary being, that being bodily has some wonderful advantages.

Certain, existence on earth will also be difficult, exhausting, and checking out. Nevertheless it’s additionally wonderful. Cross hike round Sedona, or discover the Redwood Woodland, gaze into the Grand Canyon, commute to Eire, the United Kingdom, or Hawaii…

There are such a lot of wonderful puts on earth to enjoy.

Even for your place of birth. Stroll across the block, really feel the air, pay attention to the birds, and enjoy this fact. This enjoy is a large a part of why you might be right here. Existence as a bodily being is such a lot other than existence as a limiteless religious being who’s non-corporeal.

An Unbelievable Alternative to Be Right here Now

The chance to make the adventure on this ascension timeline is some other giant reason why for being right here.

That is our alternative to take the adventure of being a restricted 3-d being and reconnecting with the fullness, original energy, and religious mild this is our fact.

To make the shift from 3-d to 5D!

You’re making this shift… Ascending in order to pave this pathway from the bodily to the upper religious nation-states.

The nation-states of Spirit are all the time a breath away while you learn how to flip off the spiral of thoughts, dive inward, music into your center, extend your center mild, and music into your mild frame. This lets you extend, carry, carry, boost up, realign, reconnect, step into, and step up into the brilliance of the religious being you authentically are.

Why Cross Via This?

Now, if you are like me, you should still be asking why. Why have the enjoy? For such a lot of folks, now we have finished this prior to. We do that frequently. We display as much as planets all over those ascension timelines to be able to lend a hand the ascension spread.

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This day and age is one wherein timelines are merging. A timeline of ascension has been set forth for Gaia, mom earth, to turn into extra famous person like. She’s going to turn into good, golden, Christed mild. Humanity will turn into extra crystalline and Christ like as smartly.

However timelines aren’t one-dimensional. They’re multidimensional and we’re at some extent within the timeline tapestry wherein more than one timelines are weaving in combination. This contains timelines in alignment with the best possible vibration in addition to the ones from beings who feed off of energies like concern, doubting, and nervousness.

All are merging. We’re right here once more as tough, huge religious beings. You and I, and all folks in this religious staff, are right here to face within the mild, in our energy and fact and thru this, to select the best possible imaginable timelines for our lives as folks, in order that that is what unfolds jointly.

How Do You Make a selection The Easiest Imaginable Timelines?

Why Are We Really Here

Stand for your energy and your mild. When decrease vibrational feelings, previous patterns, and decrease waves of power glide in, acknowledge them as that which they’re. They aren’t you and also you don’t wish to take them on.

Make a selection to shift out of the decrease vibrations of concern and density. Make a selection to show clear of the inside track, TV media, and the fearmongerers that handiest search to attract you right into a decrease timeline. Make a selection to brilliantly shine your mild, deal with your state and a top vibration. From this position, manifest certain blessings for your non-public enjoy, in addition to pleasure, love, abundance, peace, and solidarity.

Glance thru lenses of affection and spot the sweetness in each second. Revel in your existence and let love, pleasure, and bliss be your guides. Step into your goal, apply your instinct, and take motion to manifest blessings and serve. Enhance those that aren’t as some distance alongside as you might be, who’re suffering nonetheless in the ones decrease vibrations. Train, proportion, be a way-shower, lend a serving to hand.

It Is Your Proper to Shift Out of Worry

In case you are getting pulled into concern, disappointment, despair, nervousness, and fear, know that it’s your proper as a religious being in bodily shape to shift out of that. Do what you wish to have to do to shift. For me, strolling in nature, climbing within the pine bushes, sitting in and respiring within the daylight, letting solar fill each cellular, taking a salt bathtub, using a bicycle down a hill, sitting in a steam room, or skiing all paintings for me.

Do what you wish to have to do to shift again into that state of affection, pleasure, connection, center open, transparent thoughts, colourful spirit, “I have were given this” angle.

We do have this. We’re right here by way of no mistake. As Earth Angels, Starseeds, and religious beings in bodily shape, we’re right here to say the sunshine for earth. Our challenge is to lend a hand evolve this planet earth into a better vibrational, upper dimensional realm of enjoy.

You’re a key participant on this, whether or not you understand it but or now not. In case you are simply initially of your awakening procedure, know that your paintings now this is to evoke and bear in mind. Make the effort to meditate, flip up the quantity of your mild, and shine a bit of brighter. The religious being that you simply authentically is strictly what is wanted.

You Are the Puzzle Piece Who Is Wanted

We’re all puzzle items; the original threads within the multidimensional tapestry that align the totally woke up paradigm for earth and all beings. We carry the vibration of earth and the collective awareness, shining our complete good mild, therapeutic the timelines and claiming the best possible imaginable long term for all.

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Because of this we’re right here. To manifest this, to co-create this in combination thru remembering, activating, opening, lifting, and ascending. The sunshine in me displays the sunshine in you. We’re one and now we have were given this.

Keep certain. Stand within the mild. Shine your brilliance. Blank out the closets. When you have previous feelings and ache and negativity that helps to keep surfacing, handle it, unencumber it, and know that is a small a part of what you have got been, nevertheless it does not even contact the outside of all that you’re.

You’re a good, multidimensional, dangerous ass, religious being! It is time to deliver that complete mild, authenticity, fact, energy, and vibrancy into the bodily.

We’re doing it in combination one second at a time.

Nonetheless now not certain concerning the distinction between Lightworkers, Starseeds and Earth Angels?

Check out my article illustrating the difference (or lack thereof) here! 

Namaste, with Love and Gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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