Discovering Relaxation Whilst Beneath Force

That is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:

“In repentance and relaxation is your salvation,
in quietness and believe is your power.

                                                  Isaiah 30:15

On this podcast, I proportion a message from Isaiah 36-37 when Israel discovered herself below huge force surrounded through the armies of Assyria. The yr is 703 BC and all the nation is squeezed and weighed down below force from this invading military. Hezekiah, Israel’s king, responds brilliantly and leads God’s folks to a restful position of believe within the residing God – and to a deliverance from their enemies as smartly!

The query, then, is how did he do it? Hezekiah does so in 4 very explicit tactics, providing a style for us as we lead amidst the force of the Corvid-19 pandemic:

  1. We Should Stay Hooked up to God
  2. We Should Recognize Truth (verses be in denial)
  3. We Should Search Smart Suggest; and
  4. We Should Stay up for Him.

I unpack each and every of those issues on this podcast, inviting you to obtain the good invitation and promise of Isaiah 30:15: In repentance and relaxation is your salvation,   in quietness and believe is your power. 



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