A Easy Non secular Tea Rite ~ Tuning Into The Energy of Presence

Tea Ceremonies and the Energy of Presence

Spiritual Tea Ceremony

Rising up, my grandmother used to regard my sisters and me to tea events. We’d get dressed up, get out the fondness tea cups, organize the desk with treats and certainly turn out to be an in a different way odd afternoon into one thing in point of fact particular and magic.

Lately, my fond reminiscences of those particular afternoons with my grandmother and sisters impressed me to create a procedure that transforms a easy cup of tea into a wonderful non secular follow via presence … A religious tea rite if you’re going to!

Whilst the tea events of my youth all the time felt like particular events, many people drink tea day-to-day, or a minimum of on an overly common foundation within the iciness months.

With a bit of of consciousness, a touch of presence, and via merely slowing down lengthy sufficient to in point of fact revel in it, your cup of tea could have a long-lasting affect on your entire day – and in the end your non secular trail.

The Energy of Presence

Presence is integral to religious figuring out. As non secular beings in human shape, considered one of our largest alternatives is finding out to combine our direct reference to the Divine into our day-to-day lives.

Returning consciousness to the current second is without doubt one of the most straightforward and strong techniques to boost your vibration, calm bothered feelings, and your direct hyperlink with the Divine. Presence could also be probably the most best non secular practices to include into your existence and it may be achieved in some ways, together with being absolutely provide with a cup of tea via practising this straightforward tea rite.

“You should be totally wakeful within the provide to benefit from the tea. Best within the consciousness of the current, can your arms really feel the delightful heat of the cup. Best within the provide, are you able to savor the aroma, style the wonder, recognize the delicacy. If you’re ruminating concerning the previous, or being worried concerning the long run, you’re going to totally leave out the enjoy of taking part in the cup of tea. You’re going to glance down on the cup, and the tea can be long past.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

A Easy Tea Rite

Start your Tea Rite via environment an aim that recognizes your cup of tea and the time you’re taking to drink it as a particular time for you.

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Believe studying the Thich Nhat Hanh quote above for inspiration, and to assist set your temper. 🙂

Brew your tea and as you permit it time to steep, consciously deliver your consideration into the prevailing second.

Take a look at in with your whole senses; noticing what you apply inside of and throughout you, after which let it pass.

This could also be a good time to test in along with your emotions, feelings, and your interior state of being. How are you feeling as of late? What is going on on your global? Are you distracted via occasions of the day? Are excited or nervous about one thing someday? Are you feeling grounded and targeted within the provide?

Song into your present state of being, after which make the effort to consciously let pass of no matter has came about main as much as this day and age. Let pass of questioning or being worried about what the longer term will hang, let pass of no matter has came about up to now, and only for this second now…

Tea Ceremony

Simply whilst your tea brews, grow to be absolutely provide within the right here and now.

Really feel the power of the room round you. Really feel the ground underneath your toes, the load of the garments you are dressed in, and the temperature in your pores and skin. Song into the power of your toes… The power on your arms… And now really feel into your center heart…

Consciously let your center gentle brightly glow inside of you, as you deliver your whole consciousness into this very second…

Proper right here and now.

Linger within the provide second whilst your tea steeps, and when it is able to take a second to carry the mug close to your nostril and simply breathe within the heat and happy smell.

Be offering up the perfume as a present to the divine. Dedicating this mug of tea, and this provide second to the awakening of all beings, to peace on Earth, awakening, or to whoever/no matter strikes you.

Subsequent chances are you’ll wish to sparsely rotate your mug in all 4 cardinal instructions. Permit this symbolism to ask a way of opening inside of you. Chances are you’ll make a selection to concentrate on opening your center, elevating your vibration, or opening to obtain a message out of your angels as you currently take your first sip.

As you’re taking your first sip of tea, in reality be provide within the second.

Really feel the heat, style the flavour, sense the power, scent the aroma, and song into gratitude for this little second of pleasure your cup of tea brings.

Keep within the provide second. Really feel the heat of the mug on your arms…

Benefit from the style, the heat, and the slowness of every sip.

With every further sip you’re taking, be offering up a easy ‘thanks.’

Bear in mind to deliver your self again to the current each time you end up mentally transferring directly to the following factor you need to do as of late, of being pulled into one thing that came about up to now.

Be absolutely right here on this second now taking part in and entirely experiencing the magic and small miracle this is this provide second along with your pleasant cup of tea.

Upload a Tea Rite to Your Different Practices

This easy follow of a tea rite is an excellent addition to any further non secular practices.  Whether or not you follow yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, paintings with crystals, or along with your subsequent angel meditation, check out having a cup of tea prior to you start or to near.

Whilst you’re absolutely provide along with your tea, it turns into an impressive extension of every other non secular follow. Whether or not you’re consuming tea for the results it has in your frame, thoughts, or spirit, you in reality can’t pass fallacious via slowing down and spending a couple of moments in presence.

This is an angel message with Archangel Metatron which is a gorgeous additon for your tea rite.

Empowered Through Presence with Archangel Metatron 

What Tea Is Highest For A Tea Rite?

In point of fact, any tea you select is an ideal selection in your Tea Rite! Be happy to check out one thing new or persist with your favourite. In the event you’d like some tips, underneath are a couple of that I really like. Every of them paintings to give a boost to thoughts, frame, and spirit.

Matcha Inexperienced Tea

Conventional Jap and Zen tea ceremonies use matcha tea for ceremonies which are symbolic of peace, solidarity, and happiness.

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Matcha is a high-grade inexperienced tea powder that may have as much as 15 instances extra vitamins than free leaf inexperienced tea. It does have some caffeine, so in case you are caffeine delicate, or short of to revel in a tea rite within the night time, I am together with underneath quite a lot of natural teas which are the easiest selection for a non secular tea rite.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is warming, widens blood vessels for greater stream, and helps the immune device. The highly spiced power of ginger tea is superbly aligned with the energies of affection, cash, good fortune, and tool.

Chamomile Tea

Maximum ceaselessly used to advertise excellent sleep, chamomile has a number of amino acids that experience a soothing impact at the frame. Energetically chamomile is stress-free and purifying.

Holy Basil or Tulsi Tea

Holy Basil is a brilliant complement for general well being and wellness. It’s an adaptogen, this means that that it brings steadiness and calm. Tulsi tea is energetically nourishing, cleaning, and works to chop via tension and advertise peace. Tulsi tea additionally balances your power and purifies thoughts, frame, and spirit. That is considered one of my favourite teas… And no longer simply because historical Hindu texts consider it to be holy.

Mint Tea

Mint features a vast class of herbs, all recognized for his or her uplifting impact. It’s any other anti inflammatory and is ceaselessly used for colds, complications, and nausea. Mint is clarifying, and permit you to reduce via phantasm and get in touch with certain power into your existence.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is a scrumptious purple tea that I all the time appear to pronounce humorous! 😉 Its excessive in Nutrition C and is alleged to assist combat illness and indicators of growing older. It has no herbal caffeine and but is of course energizing and rejuvenating.

Revel in! 

With love, gentle, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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