11 Anxiety Disguises In Kids That Many Parents Fail To Notice

Anxiety is a master of disguise. Everyone faces anxiety, for some people, it’s a major concern while other people are able to get rid of it. For children, anxiety issues intensify to the extent that it gets in the way of everyday activities.

Sometimes this anxiety disguises itself in the veil of some basic habits and we parents fail to notice that our kids are going through a daily battle. Worry and fear are alright in children as it comes and goes in every phase of their life but it shouldn’t overwhelm your kid to the point of a panic attack.

It is not only stressful for the child to go through situations of anxiety, but it is also stressful to the parent who tries to help. Studies have been able to show that childhood anxiety occurs in about every one out of six children that are between the ages of three and seventeen. If a child has anxiety they are in a sense, scared of themselves or scared of something that is actually safe. A child of 3 or 4 years of phobias is varied and abundant. They are the product of the development of the child’s imagination and their ability to predict and also the lack of experience.

Often these anxieties in children are a cumulative result of the feelings like helplessness, frustration, confused, insecure or simply overwhelmed. Anxiety can be the cause or trigger for many other emotional, mental and behavioral problems. If you’re wondering if your child is going through anxiety or stress, here are the signs to look for.

11 Anxiety Disguises in Kids

anxiety disguise kids info

The best tool is to learn how to take control of your child’s specific mental and physiological triggers in relation to your specific anxiety. As a parent, you can eliminate (or try to eliminate) the causes that trigger anxiety in your child, but for that, it is crucial to identify the situations or symptoms that your kid is going through while having anxiety issues. But sometimes these anxiety symptoms are hard to detect. These symptoms may disguise as a complaint, an excuse, or simply a tantrum that we parents often failed to notice.

Here we talk about how Anxiety disguises itself by some symptoms your child may face:

1. Will have trouble sleeping or staying asleep.

anxiety disguise kids trouble sleeping

2. Complaining about stomach aches, ringing in their ears, headaches.

anxiety disguise kids aches

3. Your kid will be often agitated or angry, shows persistent irritability.

anxiety disguise kids agitated

4. Feeling worried about certain situations or events.

anxiety disguise kids feeling worried

5. Will try to avoid activities or events (even in school).

anxiety disguise kids avoid activities

6. Struggling to pay attention, difficulty concentrating on something.

anxiety disguise kids pay attention

7. Unable to relax, feeling “on edge” every time.

anxiety disguise kids relax

8. Difficulty in making decisions.

anxiety disguise kids making decisions

9. Frequent meltdown over simple things.

anxiety disguise kids meltdown

10. Not hanging out with other kids.

anxiety disguise kids hang out

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